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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that we (Scott, Leila and I) have a new blog. I figured it would be a nice way to keep people updated on Leila's growth and development. Can you believe she's almost two month already?


1 month ago

One month ago today Leila Kate was born! It's been a crazy month! I went into labor on Wednesday, she was born on Thursday and we brought her home on Friday. We had to take her back to the hospital on Tuesday to be treated for Jaundice. She spent three days in a incubator under a special light to get rid of the bilirubin causing her Jaundice and was able to come home on Friday.

Since then she's been doing very well! She's eating well, sleeping well (even at night) and is very attentive when she's awake. She even seems to recognize our voices. We're starting to hear a difference in her cries, so the Dunston Baby Language video has started to come in handy. She loves to be cuddled and carried. The Moby Wrap has been a life saver. Since she likes being carried upright, I'm asking Santa for a ring sling for Christmas. She likes bath time, we feel bad taking her out of the tub because she gets so relaxed in there.
So far, it's been exciting, every day is different and we learn something each day. She has the sweetest little smiles (sleep grins) and makes the cutest noises! We absolutely adore her! Happy 1 month birthday Leila Kate! We love you!


Our Birth Story

This is really detailed...it may be too much information for some...don't say I didn't warn you. :]

On Wednesday, November 12, 2008, after working all day, I went in for my 37 week prenatal appointment. The doctor was very busy so I wasn’t seen until quite a while after my scheduled time. The doctor asked if I had been having any contractions, I replied, “Just those Braxton Hicks contractions, but they’re becoming kind of regularly.” Doctor said, “Ok, let’s see if those contractions are doing anything.” He performed a pelvic exam and was deemed me between two and three centimeters dilated. He was concerned about preeclamsia again because of my blood pressure and protein in my urine, so he said, “Well, young lady, I think it’s time to go to the hospital.” I was filled with so many emotions! I was excited that the time had finally arrived, but kind of sad that my pregnancy would soon be over, and a little flustered because this wasn’t how I thought it would all happen. I always thought I’d go through the early labor at home, and then when the contractions were 5 minutes apart for 2-3 hours, Scott would drive me to the hospital. Instead, I had to call Scott and tell him to meet me there.

Scott was at home resting after a long day at work, so I called him and told him the news. We hadn’t even packed our hospital bag yet, so he gathered some things together and met me at the hospital. I also called my mom, who was already at the hospital since she was working that day. By the time Scott and my mom arrived, I had already been setup in my labor and delivery room with an IV giving me magnesium sulfate to prevent a seizure from my high blood pressure, a Pitocin drip to help my labor progress and a Foley catheter since I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed on the IV. I kept laughing as the nurses asked me questions about my medical history and started the IV; I just couldn’t believe I was really in labor. They probably thought I was delirious. Scott and my mom stayed with me the entire night and were very supportive. My nurse was very helpful, especially considering I needed to change positions every two hours. After a few hours on the IV, she examined me and said I was at 4 centimeters. I was so disappointed; it felt like it was going to take years to get to 10 centimeters. The nurse was very encouraging and reminded me that it takes longer to get from 1 to 5 than it does to get from 5 to 10. Eventually, morning came and so did the change of shifts.

My doctor came in around 8:00 AM and said that he wanted to check my cervix, but if I hadn’t progressed enough that we’d have to take go with an alternative method (c-section.) He knew that I really didn’t want a c-section, so he after he examined me, he proudly announced that I was between 5 and 6 centimeters, 100% effaced and he was going to rupture my bag of water to help speed things up a bit. I don’t remember a lot about the amniotomy, but it didn’t hurt. I just remember feeling a lot trickling out.

Around 10 AM, the contractions were suddenly a bit more than I could handle and I asked for some pain medication. I was given a dose of Stadol through the IV to “take the edge off.” That worked for three or four contractions, and then I found myself telling Scott, “I want an epidural.” So I called the nurse, she called the anesthesiologist, and twenty minutes later I was having the epidural put in. I sat on the edge of the bed, getting prepped for the procedure and I felt a relief from my contractions (changing positions tends to do that.) I made me think twice about going ahead with the procedure, but I went for it. It took the anesthesiologist three tries before he got the epidural into a place where it would work properly. (Yes, they stuck me with that big needle three times!) It hurt, of course, but once it was in, I learned why people are so quick to suggest it. (I’m not saying everyone should use an epidural, but I do recommend being open to the idea, especially if you’re on Pitocin.) Once the epidural was in the nurse helped me put my legs back in bed (they get numb pretty quickly) and I dozed off for a nap. I was in and out of sleep for the next three or four hours, which was rather nice considering that was the part of labor they call “transition,” and I was really dreading what I’d be like during that part. Since I was so sleepy, I didn’t yell at my husband or not want to be touched, I just slept. Occasionally I would chime in the conversation that Scott and Joel were having, or I’d talk with my mom a little bit, but for the most part, I slept through it. I developed a little fever towards the end of the transition period and was shivering quite a bit.

Around 3:00 PM, I woke up with “the urge to push.” I lightly mentioned to Scott and my mom that I thought it was almost time to push. Three contractions passed and I was sure it was time to push, so I called the nurse. She came in and checked my cervix and sure enough, I was right! So Joel headed out to the waiting room, the nurse got things ready, Mom and Scott decided which leg they were going to hold onto to and we started pushing. We started out with three pushes per contraction, but as we got closer, we increased to four pushes. (It felt SO GREAT to push! I felt so productive, and it was exciting to know that with each push we were getting just a little closer to meeting our daughter.) A few more nurses came into the room to help the doctor get ready and help with the pushing. (It was a little annoying having so many people “coaching” me to push, it wasn’t that bad, but I wish I would have said something.) The nurse said the baby was OP (occiput posterior) meaning she was presenting face up instead of face down. About an hour into the pushing the doctor arrived. He continued to coach me through the pushing, and told me that he needed to do an episiotomy. He gave me a shot to numb the area and performed a mediolateral incision. After a couple more pushes, the doctor discovered that the baby was still having a hard time getting past my pelvic bone, so he decided to use a vacuum to assist the delivery. At this point I was feeling pretty tired, but the doctor said, “On this next contraction we’re going to have a baby!” I felt a burst of energy, pushed with all my might, and with those last three pushes Leila Kate Ellis was born!

Readers beware…this part’s kind of gross…some readers may want to skip down to the next paragraph...
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end… the placenta still needed to be delivered. The nurse increased the Pitocin to help my uterus contract and the doctor massaged my uterus. With the next set of contractions he coached me to push. I pushed, nothing happened. More contractions came, I pushed, nothing happened. I was in the worst pain at this point. He tried but as my uterus contracted the placenta became caught in the fundus of my uterus. I’m not sure what was really going on, but it felt like the doctor was trying to scrape my placenta out. I was in the worst pain ever! Scott said that the doctor was literally pulling on the umbilical cord to get it out and it still wasn’t come out. Scott thought the doctor was going to have to put a foot on the bed to give him some extra leverage. Eventually the placenta came out and everything was fine. The doctor stitched me up and the childbirth process was over.

I honestly feel like the entire process was such a great experience, even the painful parts. While I was pushing I couldn't help but marvel at how awesome God is in His creations. At one point I actually said to Scott and my mom, "How did God know exactly where to put the muscles you need to push babies out with? How did He know that this process would even work?" I now understand why people say it's the most rewarding experience of their life. It's crazy how as the long journey of pregnancy suddenly ends, the even bigger adventure of parenthood begins and you're just thrown into it! I can't wait to share more stories with everyone as Leila grows up!


I'd like you to meet my daughter, Leila Kate Ellis

After 20 hours of labor, followed by 2 hours of pushing, Scott and I finally welcomed our first baby into the world on Thursday November 13 at 4:58 PM. Leila Kate Ellis weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long! (She was due until December 1st according to the ultrasound, but if you remember my post announcing our pregnancy, the original due date was November 17, just four days after her actual birthday.)

I've posted a bunch of photos on flickr, so click on over there and check out our little girl!

So far, we're loving being parents and are adjusting pretty well! Thanks for all the love and prayers! We really appreciate it!

(Complete birth story to come soon...)


Another pregnancy update

Sorry to leave you hanging after that last post, but I'm doing ok! Everything that was a problem at Tuesday's appointment wasn't a problem anymore at Thursday's appointment. I weighed in three pounds lower than Tuesday (not sure about that, but doc said it was ok,) my blood pressure almost back in normal range, still a little high, but not too bad and my urine was fine. He said to stay off my feet as much as possible and to watch my sodium intake. I have another checkup on Tuesday afternoon.
We're about 5 weeks away from the due date and my belly feels huge, but I get a nice backrub from the hubby just about whenever I want. I'm have Braxton Hicks contractions once in a while, those are interesting, a little uncomfortable. We have our last childbirth class Monday night, they're fun, but I won't miss it.
Keala & Ashley and Adam & Jess threw us a couple's baby shower last Sunday! It was so much fun! We played fun games, shared funny baby stories, ate great food and received some awesome gifts! Thanks to everyone who was there to share the day with us! We still have two more showers comings up...crazy!
All in all...life's pretty good right now!


Pregnancy Update

Update time! I had my 34 week checkup yesterday. Leila's doing great, heartbeat's strong, she's kicking all the time still, and getting big! The doctor is a little concerned about me though, I'm starting to show signs of preeclamsia. My blood pressure was pretty high (140/92,) there were some traces of protein in my urine, I've gained six pounds in two weeks, and my hands are swollen (I'm bummed I can't wear my gorgeous wedding ring on my finger anymore.) Then he asks the question I didn't want to hear quite yet, "Are you still working?" I say "Yes." And he tells me to try to take it easy the next few days and to come back Thursday for another checkup, but if it hasn't improved I'll have to go on bedrest. Yes, the thought of being able to rest more is nice, but not ALL day! Plus I love my job and I'm not quite ready to leave yet.
So, today, I'm taking it easy...watching what I eat...and praying that those symptoms go away so I can work at least a few more weeks. I'm trying not to worry, but it's hard. Keep Leila and me in your prayers! I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow afternoon.


Awesome night

I came home from work yesterday excited about the hot date I was going on with my husband, not so much as to what we were doing, but just to spend some good quality alone time with him. But before we left, I had to hit the bathroom (I am 7 1/2 months pregnant after all...) and found some pretty new candles in there (awesome gift #1...) then when I came out and thanked him he said, "There's something on our bed for you too!" What? It's not my birthday or our anniversary...so I go in and open a very sweet card and two DVDs and a CD (Baby Mama, 27 Dresses and the new Sheryl Crow!) I hug him and thank him and he just says "Happy I Love You Day!" I tear up a little and smile. I love you day is something we started many years ago when we were first dating. It was just a random day where we'd give the other person a card or present, just because. It makes me happy that he still remembers that little things. As for our date, it was awesome too! We went to The Counter after a friend spoke so highly about it last weekend, it was pretty great! A little hard to decide because they're so many options...just more reason to go back! Then we hit the theater to see Body of Lies, which was really good, except that Russell Crowe looks strangely like Alec Baldwin...kind of weird. All in all, it was a fantastic evening!